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Dreamworks Bans Twitter?

Posted in Twitter,Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 24/10/2009
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In the business world people have to be careful what they say about their product. In the movie industry the product is the film. For a long time now actors have had clauses in their contracts to not talk about specific script details. But what about 140 character tweets? It seems like these short phrases can be just as damaging especially when the actor updates it every day. A report on mashable declared that it appears that Dreamworks has written into the contract of Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers that they are not allowed to use twitter or facebook. Apparently the next Shrek Sequel has some major secrets to hide. So it was out, actors were now being limited on what they can use to talk to their fans, just like sports players have been banned in the past. Interestingly enough though a few days after these reports surfaced, Diaz and Myers denied the ban existing. Myers spokesperson even told that the stories are “completely false.” The original article on mashable has now been updated to say, “The studio (and contract clause) referenced in this piece, DreamWorks Studios is not affiliated with DreamWorks Animation (who makes the “Shrek” films). Additionally, the contract clause for DreamWorks Studios is for writers releasing non-public information and not a ban on talent using Twitter. It has been confirmed that Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers have not been banned from Twitter.” So they have not been banned from twitter, but I think they will be very careful of what they post, to make sure it does not reflect anything about the script.