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Britney Pledges Self To Satan

Posted in Twitter,Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 23/11/2009
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Recently I talked about how regular people liked to impersonate celebrities on twitter. In that case these people would make up accounts under a celeb’s name, but they would not be able to verify it. (Remember that handy-dandy check mark in the upper right hand corner on the twitter page?) Well, this is a different type of impersonation. A hacker cracked Britney Spears’ password on twitter (Her verified account), and posted that she was giving herself to Satan. The actual page is below:

So what is a Celeb to do when they have just given themself to Lucifer publicly on their own twitter page. Well for Britney there are a few issues that cross my mind. Her password was not secure, her staff regularly posts for her, just look at the one saying, “Britney rocked it in Melbourne last night!” The post was not just Britney being weird talking about herself in the third person, it’s actually a staffer being paid. So who knows how many people actually had her password. One person told a friend, who told a friend, who told a friend, who signed in. Or maybe her staffer was mad at her diva demands and did it herself. The options are limitless, but ultimately who’s to blame? Twitter? I really don’t think they are to blame if she gave out her password, or in fact was dumb and had “ilovejustin” as her password. Ultimately Britney is to blame, and I think she knows this, since she just took down the posts, and switched her password. (I would assume she wouldn’t be that dumb) Just a little excitement, which is why over 3 million people are following her.