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Boy Floats Away… Not

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I know I’m supposed to be covering Celeb’s but this is too good to pass up. It’s a classic case of someone wanting the fame and attention, so they make their own story…

The world was in a tizzy. What was going to happen to the six year old boy stuck floating in the air in his homemade hot air balloon. It looked like a floating UFO in the sky, and there was supposedly a little boy stuck inside. He apparently climbed in when his father wasn’t looking and right before take off. This boy in the Balloon took the nation by storm. It took 2 spots in the coveted Top 10 trends on Twitter and I know that I heard of it via friends status’ on Facebook.
The Heene’s have been no stranger to television attention. They have participated in the ABC show Wife Swap not once, but twice. The father Richard was a hothead who producers had to intervene when he got into a fight with his temporary wife and started throwing food at her. His antics made him memorable for the fact that he butted heads so much with his temporary wife and at the end cried to her and sang her a song. (We’re talking serious undiagnosed bipolar here) His children had to sleep in their clothes for the next day in case they had to get up in 2 seconds flat and chase a storm. (My apologies for not informing you of this fact earlier, he is a storm chaser and his wife I am almost certain was a mail order bride since she acts more like a servant than a wife. But please watch their episode it is really unbelievable and most certainly will be played on ABC now) But I digress, and can some everything up with the following statement: the family is crazy.

America was notified that there was a boy floating at high speeds, carrying 6 year old Falcon. The absurdity of the story kept it a hot topic. How does this happen? By the end of the day yesterday (10/15) the balloon had landed but no child was inside. It took crews hours to find the balloon, and then more hours to look for the child. After they did not find Falcon, it was thought that there was a basket that he could have been in that detached. (This story is CRAZY) Needless to say crews worked tirelessly looking for the little boy that was missing and could be scared and hurt. Well, funny thing, Falcon was in his families attic the entire time. YEA. What a hoax, don’t believe me just watch this video where Falcon himself declares it all was for show.

Want more? Here the poor throws up on The Today Show. I wonder if that was staged too.


Zach Braff- Not Dead

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Although it was the 2nd top trend on twitter earlier today, it is in fact false. Zach Braff did not overdose on pills in his “32,000 square foot house.” Apparently Chris Langenela had a little fun “to fool some friends.” He posted at braff.html that Zach died and “forgot to take it down” after the prank. (The page has since been taken down now) His full apology can be found here.

The best part of the apology is when he says, “Zach, sorry if you got offended by me posting a fake suicide about you on the internet. Your 32,000 square foot house would be pretty empty without you. Thanks for (apparently) taking it lightly, since I haven’t gotten a letter about a lawsuit yet. Just so you know, I’m a huge fan; that’s the only reason I made this page, believe it or not. Also, sorry for upsetting your mother :(”

Luckily for us Zach has a sense of humor and a youtube account. Thank you to the “douchebag” (Zach’s words, not mine) for giving us this video.

Miley Leaves Twitter

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mileycyrus- FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.

This was the last tweet ever for Miley Cyrus. (well until she remakes it a week from now) The twitter-verse is in a huge uproar over Miley deleting her twitter. Theories are swirling on if her boyfriend made her do it, since she was so pro-tweeting before. She would tweet about her illnesses, her fans, her family, what Halloween costumes everyone was going to wear this year. She even tweeted the following picture this past July.

Many times she took to her twitter to defend herself, and speak out against the “haters” like in the one below

Everyone seemed shocked, her 2 million followers and even her family. Her father, Billy Ray, tweeted about the situation.

  • Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born”Destiny Hope Cyrus” for a reason.You can’t leave everyone now.We r countin on u
  • I understand “it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch”.But listen to the words of your songs “Stand… for what ya believe in”…Remember?

Then it seemed like Billy Ray finally called his daughter and talked to her directly, instead of for all the world to see on a website. He finally tweets

  • Ok guys.I got the scoop Apples r one thing but hackers r another She had no choice She said she loves ya’ll and please understand. I do now
  • HeyWanna know a good one?Daddy got hacked too!Looks like I’ll be goin bye bye also.I’m sad! I’ll try to stay up 4 the weekend to say goodbye

He got the scoop, and is deleting his twitter too. If anyone was curious her mom Trish deleted hers around the same time as Miley. Billy Ray’s was still working as of Saturday night. Her fans are left going through Miley-tweet withdrawals. But not to worry, she posted a youtube video explaining.

UPDATE: Miley has now taken to her official website to get serious about why she left twitter.

“To my dearest fans,

You all are the closest thing to my heart & it breaks my spirit to hear that some of you feel neglected since I deleted my twitter. It was a wonderful way to stay connected to you & I really felt like during that time we became very much like friends. Twitter is a beautiful thing if used for the right reason. I love my job so much that it is hard to believe sometimes that it is considered “working. But, in the end it is still a business and I do need some sort of a “normal” life as well. I often complain to the ones closest to me that I don’t seem to have much of a private life any more and part of that is my fault. How can I whine about my life being to public if I am the one telling the world what I am doing? Some things in my life need to say in my life only and not on some gossip site. I never want any of my fans to feel like I don’t love them or care about them BUT, sharing the same love and respect for me I need to have the space to grow as a person and make some mistakes. I need to be able to live and learn in private. I never want to quit entertaining it is my life, my love, and my passion but I can’t have my personal life be other peoples entertainment.

Twitter is not the only thing I am cutting back on. This is not an attack against this particular site, I just think kids all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace. My problem with the internet is it makes negativity so available. It allows people to anonymously hurt others without any consequences. That is not the real world. Not only that, but if we spent more time enjoying what we are doing besides tweeting about it, we would enjoy our lives a whole lot more. I have very little free time and the moments that I do have I should be spending with my family and friends and loving every minute of their company.

Now of course rumors have been started that Liam is the reason that I deleted my twitter. I hope my true fans know how stupid that is. I had mentioned to him that someone made a fake twitter with his name and we both starting chatting about how ridiculous it is. Liam is a wonderful friend and he did not try to make me delete my page, he just helped me realize how much time I was wasting on that site.

I really hope you all know how much you mean to me and how much I truly care about each and every one of you. I will keep in touch through Mileyworld and as I did before twitter. I love you all.


Miley Cyrus”

Alyssa Milano Has No Love For Tweetie 2

Celebs love Twitter. They can tweet from anywhere about anything. The portability aspect may be changing though as Alyssa Milano found out. The IPhone has developed a new app called Tweetie 2. The only issue, it’s no longer a free application. According to their website for a small fee of $2.99 you have the ability to:

  • Preview short URLs
  • Block/follow from multiple accounts
  • Receive device notifications from select users
  • Full landscape support (fully configurable)
  • Improved gesture support
  • Drafts management
  • A multiple attachment manager, hashtag picker and more
  • When you start the app you go right back to where you last were when you quit and caching makes it fast and easy to keep up with new and older tweets.

So what’s the issue? For some the 3 bucks is a huge dealbreaker. Alyssa Milano tweeted “boooooooo” which sparked more controversy.  IPhone developer Jeff LaMarche spoke out by saying 2 things, “If you don’t think it’s worth $3, don’t buy it.” and “Keep in mind we’re talking about $3 for an app that only runs on handheld devices that cost at least $200, most of which come with a $70/month service.” Game,  set, and match. It’s 3 bucks. That’s less than a tall mocha latte from Starbucks. Are there other free applications for the IPhone for twitter? Sure, but they probably don’t have all of the components of Tweetie 2. But don’t count Milano out just yet, she posted a series of tweets to defend herself.

“After booing tweetie upgrade price~ tweetie mob came after me & were so rude it turned me off to the app all together.” (sent from tweetie).

“Just downloaded tweetdeck iPhone app (free). Will test it out, if I don’t like it, I will pay 4 the tweetie upgrade.” (Sent from tweetdeck).

“Now on echofon (also free). This is the Twitter app tour 2009.”

I predict she probably will end up just buying tweetie 2 but it will take awhile since she spoke out that they were in essence ripping customers off. The IPhone has a million apps that are free, tweetie 2 just happens to not be one of them. It’s up to the developers to decide, and at the end of the day there are so many people speaking out saying that it IS worth the money, and that Milano is being cheap. I personally have a blackberry and don’t have half the free apps that IPhone users have, so I think they have no right to complain. Especially when people play the atomic fart or the million other free farting applications in random places. Better yet what about the annoy-a-teen application that plays a high pitch sound that apparently those over 25 cannot hear. My list can go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Death By Social Media?

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Celebrities are the targets for a lot of things. Hate mail, stalkers, even a young teenagers lust. But recently they have become the target to a new craze, rumored deaths. Most recently it happened to Jaclyn Smith of Charlie’s Angels. Reports started leaking that she had committed suicide in Honduras. The issue? She was alive and well at her home in Los Angeles. She’s not the first, nor will she be the last. Someone took to her twitter to tweet, “Jaclyn is safe and home with her family. She is not in Honduras. It is a lie.” Where did this lie come from? It was first reported by some Latin American papers, and then notorious blogger Perez Hilton blogged about it giving it even more attention. Many stars have become victims of the hoax ranging from Tom Cruise to Jeff Goldblum. Many times the hoax is just that, a result of a bored no name trying to stur up trouble. In the case of Jaclyn Smith it was reported that her stunt double was the one to try to commit suicide and was in serious condition. These false reports and misinformation actually hurts the news. It teaches readers to wait a few days, before they believe what is reported, especially when it comes to Celebrity deaths. I mean honestly, how many days did it take  you to believe that Michael Jackson really was dead? It certainly sounded like a hoax.

Some Celebs have a greater sense of humor when it comes to be their turn to be a victim. Jeff Goldblum took to the Colbert Report to poke fun at the situation.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed “, posted with vodpod



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Ever wander onto someones twitter and wonder exactly what the person looks like, sounds like, talks like? Well wonder no more thanks to BubbleTweet! This page is for people who want to display a little “bubble” video on their twitter page. Just browsing around the site I found Celebrities to have short blurbs thanking their fans for checking in. The only issue is this feature is not just for Celebrities, normal people can use it too. And when I say normal people I mean 15 year old annoying girls and boys. In their short videos they prove why kids need to be put in more activities while in middle school and high school. I think this feature is a great way to shape and sharpen technology, but the public is just not intelligently using it. Take for instance Aaron Carters bubbletweet. He is on his cell phone taking calls from what I assume are his fans. He basically says, “Hi, check out my bubbletweet…. you’re on it!” Then he hangs up and goes to the next caller. I’m not convinced that this is the best way to interact with your fans, through a 5 second “hi, bye” and then hang up. I see the purpose, to get people talking. But honestly they are already talking on twitter, they are posting their thoughts for that very reason. This is an example for me of technology overload. People can Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, BubbleTweet, Youtube, and many more on top of their TV and magazine engagements. It all just seems a little too much to say the least. If wordpress had a like or dislike option similar to facebook (although facebook still has yet to develop a dislike button) I would most certainly be hitting DISLIKE.

Myspace Has Evolved

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Myspace has changed. Gone are the days where it was just some website for middle school aged kids to get in trouble talking to strangers and finding significant others across the country. Well… those days aren’t 100% gone, but the site has gained some credibility. Musicians started using the website as a huge promotional tool many years ago. They can post music as teasers to their fans along with tour dates. It has become a great networking tool. In fact there have been cases where small town musicians start a page, keep updating it and slowly they build a following (a tribe if you will.) There are also instances where women post suggestive pictures and become hit sensations like Tila Tequila. Although whether or not that worked out as she imaged is up for debate since she can’t figure out if shes heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise and her last boyfriend reportedly strangled her.

The networking aspect of the site is undeniable, which is probably why it hasn’t folded yet. It still has the old elements, bored kids can still spend hours blinging out their pages, but it also helps underground music to be heard.

Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery?

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It’s late at night and a middle aged man named Jim returns home after a long day of flipping burgers. He signs into his twitter account, and updates his status, “Another great concert!!! I love my fans!!!” He has thousands of followers who know him as Britney Spears. He updates daily and while the REAL Britney Spears is on twitter, his followers don’t know the difference between him and her.

What can Celebs do to tell their fans what’s going on and not be victims of people like Jim, who are bored with their own lives? Well first things first, a telephone call to twitter. It’s apparently a short and painless process but after this conversation they get a neat little check mark by their name. This check mark is twitters way to combat fraud accounts who tweet things that are in some cases hurtful. But is the check mark enough?

Tony La Russa says no, since he is now suing twitter after finding that he was the victim of these fake accounts. The posts in question mock the death of two of his players. Any magazine or newspaper would be in trouble if this was printed by them. But twitter claims there is no case. Let’s see how this plays out…

Social Networks Are Never Private

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It’s fairly common knowledge that nothing on the internet is ever private. No matter what setting or how high a privacy level myspace or facebook offer someone can hack into your account. Not even using hacking skills, a man was able to get onto Celebrities myspace accounts to see their private pictures. (The albums that are supposed to be invisible to the rest of the world.)

Well Byron Ng managed to access these albums, not by hacking but by using different social websites against one another.  Here he posts how to access pictures on your own. Apparently allows users to use myspace on their cell phones without any verification. This loophole works out great for the public who enjoy seeing Celebrities behaving badly, but horrible for privacy. Facebook is now cautious with their partnership with google  since they both have different privacy standards.

Paris Hilton’s career benefited from her sex tape, maybe these pictures will help spawn a tanning endorsement? You never know, as the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity.

Celebrities on Twitter

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It’s all the new rage, Celebrities twittering. The old way that Celebrities would talk to their fans was through magazines, TV, or radio. Now fans can follow their favorite celebrities on Twitter. The danger of this site is how fast word spreads. My initial thought was to follow Celebrities and how they use the site, but for this first post I will address slightly more. Everyone can have a twitter; they just need the basic knowledge of a computer and answering a few simple questions. Nothing to hard to figure out, I’m sure any middle school-er could do it. Following people in high profile jobs is also very easy. Sometimes the person has it so they have to personally accept who follows them, but others just have it so it automatically goes through. I have found many Celebrities and people in News media just have it so it automatically goes through.

Kanye West made the mistake of stepping on stage when he was not presenting an award or accepting one at MTV’s VMA awards. He made the mistake of taking the microphone away from Taylor Swift. He made the mistake of speaking and saying that he felt another person should have won. Then he made the mistake of disappearing for the rest of the night. All of his “mistakes” were made because he made the choice to do it.

Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift who was accepting her award. This sent many Celebs into a twittering frenzy

Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift who was accepting her award. This sent many Celebs into a twittering frenzy

Instantly Celebrities took to their twitters. ALL of them (or at least all of the people I am following on twitter) were disgusted by his actions. By the time the incident happened and when the show actually ended Celebrities had filled over a few pages to speak out. They are using twitter as a way to speak to their fans and to speak out to each other. They were disgusted by his actions and were forced to comment about it. His actions can’t be undone like their tweeting can’t be undone. It is now out there, and once people have read it, word spreads. There are pages dedicated to showing how other Celebs felt and providing their tweets. It’s the internet, nothing can be completely undone. Not only can you find a video of what happened, you can locate tweets about the subject, and even retweet them.

Another point I would like to address is that this does not just apply to high profile Celebrities, today Terry Moran tweeted a comment that was said by President Obama that was off the record.  The story broke today, and since noon it has been a top trend for Google searches. While the tweet has been removed, apologized for, the damage has already been done. At this point off the record means nothing to the public, they just know what was said. It’s as if a jury heard a damning statement in court and then was instructed to ignore it, I don’t believe that will ever be possible. Things can’t be unsaid.

Kanye can’t undo his mistake. Celebrities can delete their tweets like Moran did, but it’s already been viewed. Celebrities have to understand this, and at this point they are using it on purpose to get their voice heard. It’s why they are saying what they are that’s important at this point.

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