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Demi Moore

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Please examine the picture above. Does anything From this W Magazine cover seem wrong to you? Hopefully if you have any understanding of the female body you are struck by the size of Demi Moore’s hips.  They seem a great deal smaller than her shoulder width. This picture was posted on Twitter by Demi Moore herself.  She tweeted, “Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don’t let these people bullshit you!″ Demi, Listen you are 47 and have given birth to 3 children. Count them 3! I don’t think the hips in this picture would allow for natural childbirth. Don’t professional photoshop people know to use it sparingly! Yes, Demi Moore seems to break all the rules about aging, but please don’t act like she hasn’t had any “upgrades.” This picture is just something that I will not believe. And I am not alone. Photographer Anthony Citrano has tweeted a little wager to Demi. “@mrskutcher I started this, so I’ll (try to) finish it: $5k to charity if that’s really the original.” He then explained a little more by releasing: “To reiterate, Demi is a beautiful woman who needs no help from retouching. This was never about her, nor about retouching – I have no problem with either. Further, I feel bad that Demi is on defense – she should not have to defend other people’s mistakes; W Magazine should be addressing this rather than her. Having said that, she did raise the stakes considerably yesterday by posting what she claims is the original unretouched shot, along with the accusation that “these people” (presumably Xeni and me) are “bullshitting.” Well, whether or not her hip was botched, I do not believe for a moment that the image Demi posted yesterday is the original shot. If she’s aware of that – and I expect she is – it’s irresponsible (and silly) of her to make that assertion. So, I’ll see her move and raise her $5,000: if the shot she posted yesterday is really the unretouched original, I will donate $5,000 to a charity of her choosing. Let’s see who’s “bullshitting”, shall we? Whaddya say, Demi? Are we on?” I seriously can’t wait to see exactly how this one plays out… and which charity will she pick.


Katie Couric’s Facebook Pictures

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A few words come to mind when you think of Katie Couric. Intelligent. Graceful. Respected. Hard Working. What about dancing queen? A few pictures have now surfaced on Facebook of Katie Couric celebrating becoming an anchor on CBS News. Nothing is wrong with these pictures, she’s completely covered up and not doing anything inappropriate. Her pride on the other hand might be slightly bruised. Those aren’t exactly dance moves to do in front of your grandmother.

Lambert Shocks AMA Viewers

Adam Lambert performed the last performance of The 2009 American Music Awards. He was to perform a song from his soon to be released album. Ignore the fact that he got more hype than the actual winner of American Idol (Lambert was runner up). Viewers anxiously awaited what his performance was going to entail. View for yourself on Perez Hilton’s blog. The video is soon to be pulled though since ABC is trying it’s best to get the uncensored versions offline. So what did Lambert do to cause such a stir? Three Things: 1) he pushed another man’s head into his crotch and rubbed it around 2) he kissed another man for a good 10 seconds, if not more 3) he flipped off the audience 4) he grabbed his crotch. Ok, I understand a few of these things have happened before, crotch grabbing happens daily in our society, but the rubbing another mans head in his crotch? The shock value of this performance was too much, and producers censored it for the West Coast. He was not the only person censored Jennifer Lopez fell during her performance and it was edited out. To add insult to injury? Lambert fell, and his fall was kept in the show! So what does Adam Lambert think of the editing? As you can expect he is not too pleased.

“There’s a big double standard, female pop artists have been doing things provocative like that for years, and the fact that I’m a male, and I’ll be edited and discriminated against could be a problem.”

“People are scared and it’s really sad, I just wish people could open their minds up and enjoy things, it’s all for a laugh, it’s really not that big of a deal.”

Apparently his performance has caused ABC to receive over 15oo complaints. Well The Twitterverse has also exploded. People praising Lambert or saying he went to far, so many comments are still swirling. He has been a trending topic since it happened, and in the 20 minutes it has taken me to think up and write this post 2000 more tweets have been posted about him. I think he succeeded in causing a buzz surrounding his name.

Myspace and Facebook On Twitter?

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No-name’s have one. Celebs have one. Why can’t other social media websites have one?

Maybe I’m the only one that sees some humor in this, but I find it hysterical. Social Media outlets are now using each other to reach the masses. Facebook usually uses their twitter for development news and new feature updates and links. Myspace has a different tactic. They use their account to announce upcoming events, and they promote their users. They even post a link to Kirk Douglas’ myspace blog since he made comments about Lauren Bacall. Maybe it’s a smart move on their part since people are using twitter and promoting their Celeb users, but it seems slightly like they are admitting defeat. They can’t generate their own pull for people to visit their website? Whats next for myspace? A facebook account?

Britney Pledges Self To Satan

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Recently I talked about how regular people liked to impersonate celebrities on twitter. In that case these people would make up accounts under a celeb’s name, but they would not be able to verify it. (Remember that handy-dandy check mark in the upper right hand corner on the twitter page?) Well, this is a different type of impersonation. A hacker cracked Britney Spears’ password on twitter (Her verified account), and posted that she was giving herself to Satan. The actual page is below:

So what is a Celeb to do when they have just given themself to Lucifer publicly on their own twitter page. Well for Britney there are a few issues that cross my mind. Her password was not secure, her staff regularly posts for her, just look at the one saying, “Britney rocked it in Melbourne last night!” The post was not just Britney being weird talking about herself in the third person, it’s actually a staffer being paid. So who knows how many people actually had her password. One person told a friend, who told a friend, who told a friend, who signed in. Or maybe her staffer was mad at her diva demands and did it herself. The options are limitless, but ultimately who’s to blame? Twitter? I really don’t think they are to blame if she gave out her password, or in fact was dumb and had “ilovejustin” as her password. Ultimately Britney is to blame, and I think she knows this, since she just took down the posts, and switched her password. (I would assume she wouldn’t be that dumb) Just a little excitement, which is why over 3 million people are following her.

Shit My Dad Says

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Imagine you are 28 years old and you have to move back in with your parents. Chances are you don’t have the money to live on your own and your life is pretty much sucking. I’m sure the line “our house, our rules” is a regular occurrence.  What can you do to make the situation not suck? Well if you are Justin Halpern you start a twitter called  Shitmydadsays posting random profane quotes that are almost too much to take from your father. The account now has just under 730,000 followers. What’s better than that? CBS just picked up the idea and is going to start a sitcom with it and Halpern has a book deal with Haper Collins. Seems like he’ll have enough money to move out soon, but then all the hilarious quotes stop. I think Halpern will play himself on the show, and become quite the ladies man in the Hollywood scene.  I mean, just look at the picture above, it screams Casanova.

Need a teaser of the amazing quotes? Take a look at these gems

Want some more recent ones?

“Does anyone your age know how to comb their fucking hair? It looks like two squirrels crawled on their head and started fucking.”12:03 PM Oct 5th from web

“Son, people will always try and fuck you. Don’t waste your life planning for a fucking, just be alert when your pants are down.”12:41 PM Oct 10th from web

“Just pay the parking ticket. Don’t be so outraged. You’re not a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement. You double parked.”2:59 PM Oct 18th from web

“If mom calls, tell her I’m shitting… Son, marriage is about not having to lie about taking a shit.”12:46 PM Oct 26th from web

“Son, no one gives a shit about all the things your cell phone does. You didn’t invent it, you just bought it. Anybody can do that.”1:40 PM Nov 4th from web

“Remember this: you’re just a lucky fucking guy. If people start telling you your dick looks bigger, remember that it’s not.”about 5 hours ago from web

Seems like he inherited his fathers wit. Just look at his diagram

Place Your Bets

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My Dad always told me never to make a bet that I wasn’t 100 percent sure I was going to win. He would say this, and then proceed to bet me… I probably was under the age of 10 at the time. Betting is fun as long as you win. We all do it, we bet on small things, like sports games or when someone is going to give birth, the gender of the baby, even the weight. Sometimes it’s harmless when you have the money, other times you can get into pretty sticky situations. Enough background,  I’m sure you all know about betting anyways. But did you know that you can actually place bets ABOUT twitter? Yea, crazy world we live in huh? Nobody is happy just keeping their money these days. DSI Sportsbook is a popular betting website where you can bet on any sport or casino game. Recently word has hit the streets that you can also bet on what celebrity is going to cause the drama on twitter next. Here are the odds that I found on another blogger’s site:


The only issue I have? I have heard about this from my GoogleAlerts, and even other bloggers, but I can not for the life of me find the betting area for twitter on the DSI Sportsbook website. I do not have an account, and maybe thats my error. Maybe they have secret areas for members only to keep the prying world out, but I’m not to sure I believe that. Check it out. If this exists i think gambling addicts are going to be screwed, but if not twitter is like the cool kid at school people just have to gossip about.

More Miley Drama

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Someone please call an animal protection agency please. A psychotic teen fan of Miley Cyrus is so mentally unstable now that the Celeb has deleted her twitter account that she has come up with a campaign to get the actress back and twittering. Miley Cyrus has til November to get back on twitter or else she is going to kill her own pet cat named Fuzzy. Not just kill him, she’s going to cook the poor cat. 

The unnamed teenage girl has posted on her site the terms.

“if Miley reopens her account sometime between now and November 16, 2009 at 10PM EST, Fuzzy’s life will be spared. However, just reopening the account is not enough. I want to make sure she’s active again (even if she’s less active than before, that’s her choice). Which is why, at first, every time Miley tweets, Fuzzy’s cooking deadline extends by one week. After I see she’s pretty much active again and she’s making several tweets on a somewhat regular basis, the idea of cooking Fuzzy will be abandoned and Fuzzy will live on for the rest of his natural days.”

If that was not enough she has a way that the readers can help to extend the deadline:

Fuzzy’s life is hanging by a thread and will end if I do not achieve my goal. Ultimately, Miley is the only one who has the power to save Fuzzy. However, you may be able to temporarily extend the deadline. You can help by spreading the word around. Talk about Fuzzy, tweet about Fuzzy (use the #mileysavefuzzy hashtag), raise awareness. The most important thing is making sure Miley knows about this. And to keep you motivated, for one time only, in order to help and raise awareness, if #mileysavefuzzy becomes a trending topic in Twitter, the deadline will extend by one week, from November 16 to November 23. After that, it’s up to Miley.

In case you thought this was some sick joke she posted the following to clarify:

Let me clarify: This is NOT a prank or a hoax. I am not joking, even if some will choose to interpret it that way. Cooking a cat is not illegal in my country, in fact it’s part of our culture. I’m not asking for money or any other benefit. Fuzzy is my cat and I will not entertain any offers of selling or giving him away. If Miley doesn’t tweet again, this WILL happen, and I’m as serious as a heart attack.

And if you thought this story couldn’t get any more morbid, she has even posted recipes

Is this enough to get Miley back on twitter? The unstable girl says that it is Miley’s choice if she wants to tweet a little or a lot, but basically if she doesn’t do it to her satisfaction she’s going to threaten to kill her cat again. Is this just a sick joke (even though the girl claims it isn’t) to get media attention and get her cause to be a top trend on twitter with the hashtag that she is promoting? She has a twitter account of MileySaveFuzzy where she already has 2000 followers. Just read some of her tweets, recently she sent a comment to Miley’s sister Noel telling her to get her sister to come back to save Fuzzy. This is really too sick and twisted for my taste. I hope someone manages to get this girl to a therapist soon. Otherwise she promises to try to not hurt Fuzzy to much when killing him…

I do not consider myself a cruel person and I do love my cat. Fuzzy will receive quick and swift death and I’ll try to minimize his suffering. As a disclaimer I must say that most recipes require to behead or suffocate the cat and then rapidly pluck and dress it. Unfortunately I have no experience with that so I really hope I won’t hurt Fuzzy too much… but I’m sure eventually everything will be okay! As soon as the meal is prepared and eaten, I will update the Pictures section with photos of the resulting meal, as well as some notes and impressions from someone who had his first cat-based meal in life.

People are speaking out through their blogs, and youtube accounts to have their opinions heard on this obscene topic.  Their reactions are all disgusted but some advocate reporting the girl, while others just try to get the word out like this boy.

Dreamworks Bans Twitter?

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In the business world people have to be careful what they say about their product. In the movie industry the product is the film. For a long time now actors have had clauses in their contracts to not talk about specific script details. But what about 140 character tweets? It seems like these short phrases can be just as damaging especially when the actor updates it every day. A report on mashable declared that it appears that Dreamworks has written into the contract of Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers that they are not allowed to use twitter or facebook. Apparently the next Shrek Sequel has some major secrets to hide. So it was out, actors were now being limited on what they can use to talk to their fans, just like sports players have been banned in the past. Interestingly enough though a few days after these reports surfaced, Diaz and Myers denied the ban existing. Myers spokesperson even told that the stories are “completely false.” The original article on mashable has now been updated to say, “The studio (and contract clause) referenced in this piece, DreamWorks Studios is not affiliated with DreamWorks Animation (who makes the “Shrek” films). Additionally, the contract clause for DreamWorks Studios is for writers releasing non-public information and not a ban on talent using Twitter. It has been confirmed that Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers have not been banned from Twitter.” So they have not been banned from twitter, but I think they will be very careful of what they post, to make sure it does not reflect anything about the script.

Hefner Tweets… Sort Of

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Men everywhere idolize Hugh Hefner. He has a lifestyle men dream of, and has built an empire that his sons are dying to get their hands on. He doesn’t own a cell phone and rarely uses a computer. Yet somehow he manages to tweet on twitter several times a day. How? Well, he does have 3 girlfriends under the age of 30. Not all of them have access to his account, only his head girlfriend Crystal Harris. But he does technically write the tweets. He hand writes what he wants it to say, and just hands her the paper and asks for them to be put up at certain times. It’s a hard life for Hef. His current tweet is:

“The movie tonight is “An Education,” followed by a great new episode of “The Girl’s Next Door” with Holly in Vegas.”

Unlike the other celebs that have other people tweeting for them, his are actually still him speaking. Which is a good compromise for a man who doesn’t use much technology but realizes that it is important for his business.

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