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Hefner Tweets… Sort Of

Posted in Twitter,Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 18/10/2009
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Men everywhere idolize Hugh Hefner. He has a lifestyle men dream of, and has built an empire that his sons are dying to get their hands on. He doesn’t own a cell phone and rarely uses a computer. Yet somehow he manages to tweet on twitter several times a day. How? Well, he does have 3 girlfriends under the age of 30. Not all of them have access to his account, only his head girlfriend Crystal Harris. But he does technically write the tweets. He hand writes what he wants it to say, and just hands her the paper and asks for them to be put up at certain times. It’s a hard life for Hef. His current tweet is:

“The movie tonight is “An Education,” followed by a great new episode of “The Girl’s Next Door” with Holly in Vegas.”

Unlike the other celebs that have other people tweeting for them, his are actually still him speaking. Which is a good compromise for a man who doesn’t use much technology but realizes that it is important for his business.


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