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Boy Floats Away… Not

Posted in Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 16/10/2009

I know I’m supposed to be covering Celeb’s but this is too good to pass up. It’s a classic case of someone wanting the fame and attention, so they make their own story…

The world was in a tizzy. What was going to happen to the six year old boy stuck floating in the air in his homemade hot air balloon. It looked like a floating UFO in the sky, and there was supposedly a little boy stuck inside. He apparently climbed in when his father wasn’t looking and right before take off. This boy in the Balloon took the nation by storm. It took 2 spots in the coveted Top 10 trends on Twitter and I know that I heard of it via friends status’ on Facebook.
The Heene’s have been no stranger to television attention. They have participated in the ABC show Wife Swap not once, but twice. The father Richard was a hothead who producers had to intervene when he got into a fight with his temporary wife and started throwing food at her. His antics made him memorable for the fact that he butted heads so much with his temporary wife and at the end cried to her and sang her a song. (We’re talking serious undiagnosed bipolar here) His children had to sleep in their clothes for the next day in case they had to get up in 2 seconds flat and chase a storm. (My apologies for not informing you of this fact earlier, he is a storm chaser and his wife I am almost certain was a mail order bride since she acts more like a servant than a wife. But please watch their episode it is really unbelievable and most certainly will be played on ABC now) But I digress, and can some everything up with the following statement: the family is crazy.

America was notified that there was a boy floating at high speeds, carrying 6 year old Falcon. The absurdity of the story kept it a hot topic. How does this happen? By the end of the day yesterday (10/15) the balloon had landed but no child was inside. It took crews hours to find the balloon, and then more hours to look for the child. After they did not find Falcon, it was thought that there was a basket that he could have been in that detached. (This story is CRAZY) Needless to say crews worked tirelessly looking for the little boy that was missing and could be scared and hurt. Well, funny thing, Falcon was in his families attic the entire time. YEA. What a hoax, don’t believe me just watch this video where Falcon himself declares it all was for show.

Want more? Here the poor throws up on The Today Show. I wonder if that was staged too.


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