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Zach Braff- Not Dead

Posted in Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 13/10/2009
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Although it was the 2nd top trend on twitter earlier today, it is in fact false. Zach Braff did not overdose on pills in his “32,000 square foot house.” Apparently Chris Langenela had a little fun “to fool some friends.” He posted at braff.html that Zach died and “forgot to take it down” after the prank. (The page has since been taken down now) His full apology can be found here.

The best part of the apology is when he says, “Zach, sorry if you got offended by me posting a fake suicide about you on the internet. Your 32,000 square foot house would be pretty empty without you. Thanks for (apparently) taking it lightly, since I haven’t gotten a letter about a lawsuit yet. Just so you know, I’m a huge fan; that’s the only reason I made this page, believe it or not. Also, sorry for upsetting your mother :(”

Luckily for us Zach has a sense of humor and a youtube account. Thank you to the “douchebag” (Zach’s words, not mine) for giving us this video.


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