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Miley Leaves Twitter

Posted in Twitter,Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 10/10/2009
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mileycyrus- FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.

This was the last tweet ever for Miley Cyrus. (well until she remakes it a week from now) The twitter-verse is in a huge uproar over Miley deleting her twitter. Theories are swirling on if her boyfriend made her do it, since she was so pro-tweeting before. She would tweet about her illnesses, her fans, her family, what Halloween costumes everyone was going to wear this year. She even tweeted the following picture this past July.

Many times she took to her twitter to defend herself, and speak out against the “haters” like in the one below

Everyone seemed shocked, her 2 million followers and even her family. Her father, Billy Ray, tweeted about the situation.

  • Miley. You are a light in a world of darkness. You were born”Destiny Hope Cyrus” for a reason.You can’t leave everyone now.We r countin on u
  • I understand “it is true one bad apple spoils the bunch”.But listen to the words of your songs “Stand… for what ya believe in”…Remember?

Then it seemed like Billy Ray finally called his daughter and talked to her directly, instead of for all the world to see on a website. He finally tweets

  • Ok guys.I got the scoop Apples r one thing but hackers r another She had no choice She said she loves ya’ll and please understand. I do now
  • HeyWanna know a good one?Daddy got hacked too!Looks like I’ll be goin bye bye also.I’m sad! I’ll try to stay up 4 the weekend to say goodbye

He got the scoop, and is deleting his twitter too. If anyone was curious her mom Trish deleted hers around the same time as Miley. Billy Ray’s was still working as of Saturday night. Her fans are left going through Miley-tweet withdrawals. But not to worry, she posted a youtube video explaining.

UPDATE: Miley has now taken to her official website to get serious about why she left twitter.

“To my dearest fans,

You all are the closest thing to my heart & it breaks my spirit to hear that some of you feel neglected since I deleted my twitter. It was a wonderful way to stay connected to you & I really felt like during that time we became very much like friends. Twitter is a beautiful thing if used for the right reason. I love my job so much that it is hard to believe sometimes that it is considered “working. But, in the end it is still a business and I do need some sort of a “normal” life as well. I often complain to the ones closest to me that I don’t seem to have much of a private life any more and part of that is my fault. How can I whine about my life being to public if I am the one telling the world what I am doing? Some things in my life need to say in my life only and not on some gossip site. I never want any of my fans to feel like I don’t love them or care about them BUT, sharing the same love and respect for me I need to have the space to grow as a person and make some mistakes. I need to be able to live and learn in private. I never want to quit entertaining it is my life, my love, and my passion but I can’t have my personal life be other peoples entertainment.

Twitter is not the only thing I am cutting back on. This is not an attack against this particular site, I just think kids all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace. My problem with the internet is it makes negativity so available. It allows people to anonymously hurt others without any consequences. That is not the real world. Not only that, but if we spent more time enjoying what we are doing besides tweeting about it, we would enjoy our lives a whole lot more. I have very little free time and the moments that I do have I should be spending with my family and friends and loving every minute of their company.

Now of course rumors have been started that Liam is the reason that I deleted my twitter. I hope my true fans know how stupid that is. I had mentioned to him that someone made a fake twitter with his name and we both starting chatting about how ridiculous it is. Liam is a wonderful friend and he did not try to make me delete my page, he just helped me realize how much time I was wasting on that site.

I really hope you all know how much you mean to me and how much I truly care about each and every one of you. I will keep in touch through Mileyworld and as I did before twitter. I love you all.


Miley Cyrus”


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