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Posted in Twitter,Uncategorized by SlobberKisses on 29/09/2009
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Ever wander onto someones twitter and wonder exactly what the person looks like, sounds like, talks like? Well wonder no more thanks to BubbleTweet! This page is for people who want to display a little “bubble” video on their twitter page. Just browsing around the site I found Celebrities to have short blurbs thanking their fans for checking in. The only issue is this feature is not just for Celebrities, normal people can use it too. And when I say normal people I mean 15 year old annoying girls and boys. In their short videos they prove why kids need to be put in more activities while in middle school and high school. I think this feature is a great way to shape and sharpen technology, but the public is just not intelligently using it. Take for instance Aaron Carters bubbletweet. He is on his cell phone taking calls from what I assume are his fans. He basically says, “Hi, check out my bubbletweet…. you’re on it!” Then he hangs up and goes to the next caller. I’m not convinced that this is the best way to interact with your fans, through a 5 second “hi, bye” and then hang up. I see the purpose, to get people talking. But honestly they are already talking on twitter, they are posting their thoughts for that very reason. This is an example for me of technology overload. People can Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, BubbleTweet, Youtube, and many more on top of their TV and magazine engagements. It all just seems a little too much to say the least. If wordpress had a like or dislike option similar to facebook (although facebook still has yet to develop a dislike button) I would most certainly be hitting DISLIKE.


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