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Myspace Has Evolved

Posted in Myspace by SlobberKisses on 21/09/2009
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Myspace has changed. Gone are the days where it was just some website for middle school aged kids to get in trouble talking to strangers and finding significant others across the country. Well… those days aren’t 100% gone, but the site has gained some credibility. Musicians started using the website as a huge promotional tool many years ago. They can post music as teasers to their fans along with tour dates. It has become a great networking tool. In fact there have been cases where small town musicians start a page, keep updating it and slowly they build a following (a tribe if you will.) There are also instances where women post suggestive pictures and become hit sensations like Tila Tequila. Although whether or not that worked out as she imaged is up for debate since she can’t figure out if shes heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise and her last boyfriend reportedly strangled her.

The networking aspect of the site is undeniable, which is probably why it hasn’t folded yet. It still has the old elements, bored kids can still spend hours blinging out their pages, but it also helps underground music to be heard.


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