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Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery?

Posted in Twitter by SlobberKisses on 21/09/2009

It’s late at night and a middle aged man named Jim returns home after a long day of flipping burgers. He signs into his twitter account, and updates his status, “Another great concert!!! I love my fans!!!” He has thousands of followers who know him as Britney Spears. He updates daily and while the REAL Britney Spears is on twitter, his followers don’t know the difference between him and her.

What can Celebs do to tell their fans what’s going on and not be victims of people like Jim, who are bored with their own lives? Well first things first, a telephone call to twitter. It’s apparently a short and painless process but after this conversation they get a neat little check mark by their name. This check mark is twitters way to combat fraud accounts who tweet things that are in some cases hurtful. But is the check mark enough?

Tony La Russa says no, since he is now suing twitter after finding that he was the victim of these fake accounts. The posts in question mock the death of two of his players. Any magazine or newspaper would be in trouble if this was printed by them. But twitter claims there is no case. Let’s see how this plays out…


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