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Social Networks Are Never Private

Posted in Myspace by SlobberKisses on 19/09/2009

It’s fairly common knowledge that nothing on the internet is ever private. No matter what setting or how high a privacy level myspace or facebook offer someone can hack into your account. Not even using hacking skills, a man was able to get onto Celebrities myspace accounts to see their private pictures. (The albums that are supposed to be invisible to the rest of the world.)

Well Byron Ng managed to access these albums, not by hacking but by using different social websites against one another.  Here he posts how to access pictures on your own. Apparently allows users to use myspace on their cell phones without any verification. This loophole works out great for the public who enjoy seeing Celebrities behaving badly, but horrible for privacy. Facebook is now cautious with their partnership with google  since they both have different privacy standards.

Paris Hilton’s career benefited from her sex tape, maybe these pictures will help spawn a tanning endorsement? You never know, as the saying goes, no publicity is bad publicity.


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