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Posted in Twitter by SlobberKisses on 16/09/2009

It’s all the new rage, Celebrities twittering. The old way that Celebrities would talk to their fans was through magazines, TV, or radio. Now fans can follow their favorite celebrities on Twitter. The danger of this site is how fast word spreads. My initial thought was to follow Celebrities and how they use the site, but for this first post I will address slightly more. Everyone can have a twitter; they just need the basic knowledge of a computer and answering a few simple questions. Nothing to hard to figure out, I’m sure any middle school-er could do it. Following people in high profile jobs is also very easy. Sometimes the person has it so they have to personally accept who follows them, but others just have it so it automatically goes through. I have found many Celebrities and people in News media just have it so it automatically goes through.

Kanye West made the mistake of stepping on stage when he was not presenting an award or accepting one at MTV’s VMA awards. He made the mistake of taking the microphone away from Taylor Swift. He made the mistake of speaking and saying that he felt another person should have won. Then he made the mistake of disappearing for the rest of the night. All of his “mistakes” were made because he made the choice to do it.

Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift who was accepting her award. This sent many Celebs into a twittering frenzy

Kanye West stealing the microphone from Taylor Swift who was accepting her award. This sent many Celebs into a twittering frenzy

Instantly Celebrities took to their twitters. ALL of them (or at least all of the people I am following on twitter) were disgusted by his actions. By the time the incident happened and when the show actually ended Celebrities had filled over a few pages to speak out. They are using twitter as a way to speak to their fans and to speak out to each other. They were disgusted by his actions and were forced to comment about it. His actions can’t be undone like their tweeting can’t be undone. It is now out there, and once people have read it, word spreads. There are pages dedicated to showing how other Celebs felt and providing their tweets. It’s the internet, nothing can be completely undone. Not only can you find a video of what happened, you can locate tweets about the subject, and even retweet them.

Another point I would like to address is that this does not just apply to high profile Celebrities, today Terry Moran tweeted a comment that was said by President Obama that was off the record.  The story broke today, and since noon it has been a top trend for Google searches. While the tweet has been removed, apologized for, the damage has already been done. At this point off the record means nothing to the public, they just know what was said. It’s as if a jury heard a damning statement in court and then was instructed to ignore it, I don’t believe that will ever be possible. Things can’t be unsaid.

Kanye can’t undo his mistake. Celebrities can delete their tweets like Moran did, but it’s already been viewed. Celebrities have to understand this, and at this point they are using it on purpose to get their voice heard. It’s why they are saying what they are that’s important at this point.


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